Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a professional home watch service necessary?

When a professional home watch company is hired, you become a team with the home owner to care for the needs of the home. Good Hands Property Watch, LLC is professionally trained through our 25 years of experience of living in the area. The Florida humidity can cause damage to the interior of your home. Our knowledge of how important it is to control the humidity in your home will help prevent any fungal growth that can cause damage to your wood or leather furniture, as well as any outside lanai/patio furniture. By checking your seasonal home, we can detect any rodent problems or pest issues that could cause damage to your attic; such as the duct work or any electrical wiring in your home.

What are the types of issues that are created by living in Florida?

Due to our subtropical climate, chinch bugs and other pests can cause damage to your landscaping, causing brown spots on the lawn and can damage expensive plants and shrubs. Good Hands Property Watch, LLC will monitor any possible problems that may occur and can recommend necessary services to prevent lawn damage. Hurricanes and tropical storms are always a concern in Florida. Good Hands constantly monitors the weather via the National Hurricane Service /NOAA and local news for any hurricane warnings and will make arrangements to secure any hurricane shutters. Removing debris from the lawn, patio furniture, and any objects from the storm, helps prevent property damage to your home as well as neighbors.

What can Good Hands Property Watch do to help assist a homeowner in the event an insurance claim needs to be filed?

Good Hands Property Watch, LLC can assist the homeowner by providing the inspection checklists that have been performed at your property in the event a claim is filed. We stay in the guidelines of the 14 day due diligence requirement that is imposed by the insurance company. We document any issues or damage through pictures or video, to help assist the homeowner with any insurance requirements needed.

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