Locally Owned and Operated

Good Hands Property Watch is locally owned and operated out of Fort Myers, Florida.  We service Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Good Hands Property Watch, LLC has been serving the Southwest Florida community for over 25 years.  We have had the fortunate pleasure of starting a small business many years ago, while helping my neighbors in the community that I lived in.  As I was able to stay home raising my family, often times my neighbors would call on me for help.  The majority of my neighbors were seasonal residents and they would ask me to look after their home while they were away.  Each house that I contracted, challenged me to learn more about homes and all the different types of building materials; such as granites, stones, wood flooring.  I have learned so much about roofs, plumbing, gutters and landscaping and the special care they require. I have a family member in the air conditioning profession.  They have provided me with the opportunity to learn about the air conditioner, the functionality, and the importance of the humidity for good air quality to prevent mildew or mold in homes.

We have a team of professionals that assist us in caring for your home while you are away.  These professionals provide a vast array of services; such as, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, handy-man services, and interior cleaning.

Team Work

Good Hands Property Watch has a reputation for being pro-active and catching issues before they become an expensive problem. Team work with the homeowner is especially crucial in the event a problem arises in the home. In the event, there are problems, we have a vast referral list of vetted professionals that we can call on for your property maintenance needs. We also oversee all of the maintenance contracts that the homeowners may have; whether it is pest control, lawn service, pool service, etc. We will work with all of your existing contracted service providers.

Personal Service

Good Hands Property Watch prides itself on the personal service that we provide. We can work with you on exactly what types of services you are interested in and provide you with a custom quote. Please be sure to take a look at our outstanding references from our amazing clients! Please give us a call so your home can be in our Good Hands!

Good Hands Property Watch, LLC is a proud member of:

  • National Home Watch Society
  • BNI (Business Networking International)
  • UNET (United Community Association Networking

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